Back to school

The holidays are over! For some, it might be a welcome relief; a chance to gain some form of structure for you and your family or maybe a chance for you to catch your breath a little. For others it may mean a return to work or study meaning even more multi-tasking.

You know your child may have difficulty getting back into the school routine. The scratchy school uniform, eating in the lunch hall with lots of noise and plates clattering together, the expectations of the school day and the way this may show in their behaviour.

Here at Small Talk Speech and Language Therapy, we are passionate about supporting you as parents and carers, as well as the young person themselves. Here are our our top tips for that transition back to school:

  1. Try on school uniform before the day to get used to walking around in new school shoes or uncomfortable clothing.
  2. Encourage your whole family to layout everything they need for the morning the night before.
  3. Use a visual timetable to support independence of the morning routine. More importantly, practice it before the start of term!
  4. You could visit the school playground, or make the journey to school without going into the grounds.
  5. If you know your child struggles during free time (such as break or lunch time), you could make a plan with them. It might be that they can read their favourite book in the quiet space of the library. A chance to quieten the mind and body from the sensory overload that often comes from the school environment.
  6. You may wish to review the school rules, so your child knows explicitly what they can and can’t do
  7. It’s important for you (as the adult) to stay calm! You will likely be able to reduce any anxiety that your child may have.
  8. Contact their new teacher and ask if there are any new activities coming up. You could practice or prepare for these at home.
  9. Allow your child to cross off the days on the calendar as the school term is approaching. This way you can reduce any anxiety about when the term starts.
  10. Be consistent in your approach. Consistency is key and will really help manage any anxiety around going back to school.

We wish your family a smooth transition back into school.


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