Online therapy during Coronavirus lockdown

How can my child access therapy during the Coronavirus lockdown?

As social distancing will continue for the coming weeks and possibly months all over the world, speech and language therapy will be provided online using a specially designed therapy platform, similar to video conferencing software such as Skype or Zoom.

Where are your services available?

Online therapy services (otherwise known as teletherapy) are available to children and young people in the UK and Ireland and those living internationally.

What are the benefits of online speech and language therapy?

  • Staying safe in the comfort of your home
  • Sessions can be more frequent if needed due to time saved on travel
  • Fun and interactive learning activities to keep students engaged
  • Session times and lengths are more flexible
  • Feedback and liaison can be provided to parents as part of the session
  • Parents can join the session when applicable
  • Parent training and parent coaching can be offered at times that suit
  • Paired and small group sessions can easily be done using teletherapy
  • International students can access online therapy with any need to travel
  • Evenings and weekend sessions are available to suit both parent and student schedules
  • Continued liaison with educators and other clinicians using online conference options

You can find out more about teletherapy here.

How do I book an online speech and language therapy appointment?

Please contact Leonie on +44(0)7732 141 818 or email to book your initial teletherapy session free of charge.



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